Victoria Mlynko, psychotherapy and coaching for career change, stress, anxiety, depression, work




Welcome. I'm glad you're here. I'm a Registered Psychotherapist (Qualifying) and certified coach  with a background in learning consulting, employee development and leadership training. I have a graduate degree in psychotherapy. Here are some things I continue to learn about in my practice as a therapist (and a human): anxiety, leadership, trauma, stress, career change, depression, disordered eating, loss and grief, burnout, parenting, partnering, marriage, spiritual crises, health issues, love and suffering. 

Victoria Mlynko, psychotherapy and coaching for career change, stress, anxiety, depression, work




I use an integrated approach to psychotherapy, which means I borrow from various theories and modalities to fit you and your circumstances. My intention is to provide a space and opportunity for you to explore feelings, behaviour, thoughts, and relationships which may be troubling or causing difficulty in your life and career. This work can bring deeper personal insight and awareness, better ways of understanding and coping with problems, and improved relationships.  

psychotherapy and coaching for everyone, including all colours, faiths, cultures, LGTBQ, body sizes




We live in complex and consequential times where deep and longheld systems of oppression are being outed and challenged in unprecedented ways.  A privileged few enjoy greater access to resources based on gender, skin colour, religion, culture, sexual orientation, body type, and language.  Individual challenges are compounded by the harm caused by our society's unhealthy systems. 

Our humanity is sacred. 

All are welcome here.


career coaching for work stress, outplacement, job change, conflict, boss, assessment


Psychotherapy can help you:

  • Identify and examine unhelpful patterns in your life
  • Explore new options for thinking and behaviour
  • Process and integrate past wounds, including trauma and grief
  • Practice new techniques for mindfulness, reflection and communication
  • Relate differently to a partner or family member

Victoria Mlynko; psychotherapy and career coaching for anxiety, depression, trauma, grief in Toronto

Career Wellbeing Coaching

Typically 3 to 6 months in duration, career coaching in Etobicoke can help you:

  • Explore work stress triggers and practice new management techniques
  • Identify your natural strengths and how they apply to your career
  • Assess your blindspots and identify ways to address them
  • Build specific skillsets like workplace communication and leadership
  • Change jobs or careers


Learning Consulting & Coaching

For organizations who are looking for help with:

  • Learning program implementation, including strategy, feedback and measurement
  • Train-the-trainer support and facilitation skills
  • Team coaching
  • Leadership coaching
  • Outplacement career coaching


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